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I'm a very bad girl... but I bring porn!

Title: Sparkling love adventures
Author: green_blush
Recipient: yuz
Rating: M (OMG porn yay!!!)
Characters/Pairings: Belarus/Russia/Lithuania
Prompt: Threesome!! Other than that ANYTHING GOES.
Includes: bad M/M and M/M/F porn, some violence (fun with a broken nose)
Summary: Lithuania loves Belarus loves Russia loves Lithuania... what will happen??
(entering fangirl mode)

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To: Chinomi.
Characters: England and Iceland
Prompt: cod wars
Rating: G
NOTE: attempted to copy polarn 's style. If it's not long enough I can make it longer.

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DAMAGED by hello!Anon

Title: Damaged: chapter 253
Author: hello!anon
Recipient: green_blush
Prompts: The two I did were: Estonia/Lithuania, hurt/comfort, lots of angst.
Germany/Italy, romance (additional points for Germany speaking in (bad) German for no apparent reason)
Summary: In this chapter, Lithuania finally stops puttng on an act Italy makes the best of a bad situation. Oh and German sounds hot, lol. My fic for the badfuc exchange!!!
Rating: Uh idk, not at all descriptive (but hawt) sex
Warning: AGNST and YAOI!!!!!!! don’t like don’t read lol [Also, you may lose several IQ points and your eyeballs will liquefy.]
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A $50 Phone Card is Worth $50

Title: A $50 Phone Card is Worth $50
Author chinomi
Recipient: franceismyhomie
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and M i'm pretty sure it's not that bad really
Prompt: PruCan + Germany. PROMPT THAT I TOTALLY COPY PASTA'D... GERMAN SPARKLE PARTAY. THAT'S ALL THAT IS NEEDED, IMO. whichever pairing of choosing- Character A is tired of being just friends with their crush, Character B. After getting advice from their best friend, Character C, Character A decides to seduce Character B and get them to fall madly in love with them.
Summary: dude read the prompt

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A Very Special Day

Title: A Very Special Day
Author setosnicegirl
Recipient: joatamon
Rating: M
Prompt: Characters/Pairings: Hungary, Austria, maybe Prussia. Remember how Hungary said she'd grow a penis eventually? Yeah, well, she did.
Summary: Hungary has a surprise for Austria

His head was pounding.Collapse )

I'm meeting the world!!

Title: I'm meeting the world!!
Author gandmvsm It hurts attaching my name to this
Recipient: 0mohni0
Rating: T because theres some bad words in it
Prompt: free-for-all
Summary: I'm just a normal girl named Kati but then one day I meet a guy named Alfred and my life changes!!
Warnings: Arthur says a bad word and theres some kissing!! Also what the hell is this I don't even. No real warnings except stupidity and "self-insert" Mary Sues


Oh My

Title: Oh My
Author: thirteendayrule
Recipient: setosnicegirl
Rating: M? for language, and fail!lemon
Prompt: Characters/Pairings:Iceland/Hong Kong or Hong Kong/Iceland
Prompt: Having sex for the first time
Summary: When Iceland returns from settling a fight between two other Nordic nations, Hong Kong proposes that they take their relationship to the next level.
Warning: Horrible spelling, typos, language, and grammar. Also, a horribly written lemon is kinda in there. Nothing too hardcore, though. I think.

u can't rap the willing hong kingCollapse )

nordic chirstmas battle

Title: nordic chirstmas battle
Author: joatamon 
Recipient: kainoliero 
Rating: PG-13 thanks to OOC Sealand
Characters/Pairings: The Nordics, writer as a self-insert being one of them and this has to be painfully obvious.
Prompt: Suddenly one Nordic can no longer manage something he has always been able to do before. Drama and much crying appreciated, bonus points if puffin has a name. Any rating.
Characters/Pairings: The Nordics, a gender-swap within the fic and lots of self-crafted spells! I love you if you totally butcher latin on this!
Prompt: Harry Potter AU, where a Slytherin Finland tries to kill off Hufflepuff Denmark. Puffin gets transformed. Any rating.

Summary: Denmark and Norway are planning a Christmas party at Hogwarts, but when Finland hates them, spells are misfiring, and Mr. Puffin goes missing, it will take a miracle to keep their holiday from being a complete disaster. Hell, that actually sounds like a GOOD fanfic...but this is not that good fanfic.
Warning: Very, very bad spelling and grammar and just about everything. I can make a standard English translation if it's too difficult to read.

were sory for botherin you Miss you see, I was looking for my Pufin and----Collapse )

If You Seek Amy

Title: If You Seek Amy
Author: franceismyhomie
Recipient: elysiumspirit
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: A My Immortal-esque fanfiction. Bonus if it includes super-preppy US.
Summary: Hi my name is Desidaria Raven Chasity Cholera Castiel and I am the country Atlantis! 
If u r a goth den dun read!1@!!!Collapse )

Wang Jianye's Gao Zhong Days

Title: Wang Jianye's Gao Zhong Days
Author: Kecen
Recipient: fivedayslater
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: -High School AU full of every cliche you can put in there. Like Degrassi but up a notch.
-Nation A is pregnant, but doesn't know who the father is. Cue epic searching to find out who it is.
-OC!Mary Sue shows up and causes trouble for everyone.
Summary: The personal narrative of Wang Jianye, aka Jiangsu province, as she attends high school for Nations. Laughter and tears abound.

There's no accounting for tasteCollapse )